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Thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve created this forum to post about a variety of topics that are required for all of my marketing classes through SNHU.

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Course Recap: MKT 455 SNHU

This course was one of the better social media courses I have taken throughout my program. I enjoyed the weekly blogs because as someone who has never really been exposed to blogging or cared about it, I really enjoyed reading other classmates blogs and seeing how their sites looked as well. I now want toContinue reading “Course Recap: MKT 455 SNHU”

Final Thoughts

My overall impression of this course was positive. I am nervous but eager to dive in to the world of digital marketing, especially social media. I pondered as to why throughout this program there were so many social media marketing classes and being completely transparent I often thought ‘why are these classes basically all ofContinue reading “Final Thoughts”

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