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Thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve created this blog to post about a variety of topics that are required for all of my marketing classes through SNHU.

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5-1 Top Dog Vs. Underdog

What is the brand strategy being used by the top dog? What is the brand strategy being used by the underdog? In the ongoing battle of Apple vs. Android, it really depends on who you ask the question to on which company is the ‘top dog.’ In my opinon, as an Apple consumer, I amContinue reading “5-1 Top Dog Vs. Underdog”

2-1 Blog-Under Armour

“I am woman, hear me roar,” as Helen Reddy so famously sang. Women were the focal point of the 2013 Under Armour marketing campaign that launched the brand into a new market segment. This was a market segment that had been targeted by Under Armours top competitor, Adidas, however the campaign for Adidas did notContinue reading “2-1 Blog-Under Armour”

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