Preliminary Findings and Limitations: Simply Organic

Simply Organic is a brand produced by P&G (Proctor and Gamble) that is an organic, chemical free line of laundry detergents. For the market research conducted this far, Simply Organic’s goals as a brand align with P&G’s in that they are both striving to reduce its carbon footprint as a company and instill the same goal in our customers who purchase our products. As a brand, our goal is to not only create a product that has no added chemicals and/or dyes in it, but also ensure that any excess product that is discarded and also the packaging it comes in, is environmentally safe.

For 2020, P&G had put in place sustainability goals to focus in areas of “climate, (reduced absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 16% since 2010), water (reduced water use in manufacturing facilities by 27% since 2010), and waste (achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill for more than 80% of manufacturing sites)” (SDC Executive, 2/20/20).

“Building on our progress to date, our 2030 goals seek to address two of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges: finite resources and growing consumption,” says Virginie Helias, P&G Vice President of Global Sustainability. “We know P&G alone does not have all the answers. It will take partnerships and collaboration to make meaningful progress and our brands will develop innovations to take responsible consumption to the next level.”

“P&G has been a leader in driving sustainable development. Their strategy is aligned with our belief that businesses will be more successful by being more sustainable. We applaud their framework Ambition 2030 which has the potential to drive significant positive global impact for shareholders, the environment and societies” (SDC Executive).

Our proposed marketing strategy aligns with legal and ethical standards by upholding transparency to our customers about the ingredients in our product that are clearly labeled on the packaging as well as ensuring the packaging is environmentally friendly. The forefront of our campaign is to cater to the needs of what is good and healthy for not only our customers, but our planet as well. Reducing our carbon footprint and doing it as ethically as possible is our main goal.

Some limitations we have encountered is how to create packaging for liquid detergent that is biodegradable and does not harm the environment when it is disposed in the trash. We are continuing to research better options and also a way to market the product as well. Simply Organic has a goal and plan in place to work internally and use external resources to stay innovative in the way the brand grows and markets itself and its products.


“P&G Announces New Environmental Sustainability Goals.” Proctor & Gamble. 2/20/20.

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