Do It for the Gram

The days of Don Draper and Peggy Olson are long gone. The time of advertisers creating story boards to present to a company to market cigarettes’, alcohol, women’s apparel have dissolved. The marketing world has to change as technology evolves and boy has it evolved over the last 20-30 years.

In today’s technology age, rather than having a company hire a marketing agency to do it’s advertising for them, they can take matters into their own hands by advertising for free on social media. Social media is an online medium that allows users to share digital content in the form of posts of their own words, pictures, GIF’s, videos, etc. It became popular back in the early 2000’s when sites like Myspace and Friendster were created. Not long after that the well known social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more were created.

I am a millennial, which means that I grew up as these platforms also grew up. From its early stages to what it has become now, I have seen it evolve and continue to evolve. My perception of social media from when I was a freshman in high school to now has drastically changed, and I attribute that to how I have grown up and seen the good and bad side of social media.

Social media has grown rapidly in the past 10 years. Almost all platforms use what is called analytics to track users click through rates, bounce rate, likes, user interactions, and more. Why do these metrics get tracked? They are used to help businesses know how many people and how often are visiting their pages and their company website. It helps them build their consumer and market segment.

I personally try not to click on the posts and links that pop up on my Instagram and Facebook because I don’t want to be bombarded with emails and similar products that I know will come of me clicking or liking a post or link. However, if I find a product or small business on sites like Etsy, then I will follow that account and others like it. I love supporting small businesses. I work for a small business, I believe they are the backbone and core of a community and our country.

From a marketing standpoint, I think that social media marketing is very important and can help a business grow significantly, especially during a time where people are hesitant to go in to a store and are buying more online. An online presence can be a very positive thing because it allows the consumer and business interact with each other, whether it is positive or negative feedback it can help the business build itself and improve on areas based on the customers review.

Of all of the social media platforms, I do prefer Instagram. I am a visual person and would much rather see a picture or video of content rather than read a post about it on a blog or Facebook. As a marketer, I am working on familiarizing myself with all of the different social media platforms to know which one to use and when and what type of content to post to each.

Published by Kelly

Welcome to my blog! I am Kelly, and I am marketing major at SNHU and I've created this forum for all of my marketing blog posts that are required throughout my program.

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